A Home Away From Home

A small step taken in 1993, to not only benefit students from nearby cities like Orai, Kannauj, Unnao and Farrukhabad but also for students from far-off cities like Gorakhpur, Patna, etc. Over the years, the School Hostel has developed to provide the best possible education to students in an atmosphere, most congenial for their all-round personality development.

Eligibility Condition

The admission into PCVN Boy’s Hostel is restricted to:

  • The bonafide students of the school from class V to XII;
  • Those students whose parents/guardians are in transferable jobs or are living at a place outside Kanpur;
  • A limited number of seats are available in the hostel in different classes in the current session.

Spacious Dormitories


The Boy’s Hostel is constructed on the 2nd floor of the junior school building that provides the best facilities and a pleasant ambience. The hostel has three spacious; nicely illuminated and centrally air-cooled dormitories.

Furniture And Fixtures

To make the stay of the students comfortable, the living area, dining hall, recreation rooms, toilets and bathrooms, Infirmary etc. are provided with excellent furniture and fittings.

Communication Facility

The students of the hostel have access to the telephone through the warden. The parents can communicate with the students on telephone through the school office.

Textbooks And Stationery

Those admitted into the Hostel are provided with textbooks and stationery items (one time issue) as per the prescribed book list. The special stationery items are made available to them from the bookshop against payment through bills

Constant Care And Guidance

The students live under the constant care of a senior teacher who is the resident warden. The Principal, who lives on the same floor oversees and supervises the administration and discipline of the hostel.

Nutritious Food

The students are provided with a nutritious vegetarian diet. All meals are prepared under the supervision of the school staff in the hostel kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with modern gadgets and stainless steel cutlery to maintain good hygiene. To promote good eating habits and table manners, the children are served food in the dining hall situated on the same floor

Health Care

On the go

Health of the students is maintained through regular checkups. In case of serious illness the parents are informed immediately and the student is given medical attention in the nearby hospital.

The school has its own MI room and infirmary. The height and weight of students is recorded and reported to the parents. Visiting physicians and specialists carry out general medical, eye and dental checkups.

Special Tutorial Classes

Our school teachers provide special tutorials to the students living in the hostel. During these classes the students get the help and guidance of the particular subject teachers


When the student is admitted into the school and the hostel he comes under the school rules of discipline. Any violation is dealt seriously. The parents are expected to cooperate with the school to maintain a high standard of discipline.

Contact Us

Parents can contact the Hostel Warden- Mr. Santosh Udenia, on his Mobile No. +918960464896 in emergency or they can contact the School Office as per Rules and schedule given separately.

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